InterSearch Academy celebrated 20th Anniversary in Moscow

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The InterSearch Academy celebrated 20th Anniversary in Moscow, RUSSIA and congratulates all Consultants & Researchers who attended the event in 2019. At InterSearch diversity & intercultural collaboration are key factors for our success. That’s why we enhance them through our Academy, an institution for continuous learning and education that embraces the exchange of knowledge and best practices around the world and focuses on the latest trends and tools in Global Executive Search.

InterSearch Academy celebrated 20th Anniversary in Moscow

„We believe our goal is helping international clients to get such results in talent executive search exceeding their expectations. We do that thanks to the most updated tools and practices as well as highly qualified Researchers & Consultants with an international mindset. The Academy is a great engine to achieve our goal and ensure the same high-quality service worldwide.”

(Frank Schelstraete, Chairman of the InterSearch organization)

In 2019 the InterSearch Academy celebrates twenty years of service, in the last decade attended by 250+ Consultants and Researchers from all around the global network to ensure the same high quality standards in cross-border executive search.

„I consider the 20th anniversary of the Academy a milestone in the history of InterSearch. I’m proud of our achievements and look forward to the ambitious and challenging programs we started to develop to keep pace with the most advanced technology.”

(András Lipcsei, Academy Chairman)

A great thank you to Kontakt InterSearch Russia that enthusiastically hosted the Academy and to all participants for the great exchange of knowledge and their commitment to becoming the best cross-border executive search researchers and consultants worldwide!

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