Digitalization and the passions of a professional Head Hunter

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InterSearch Worldwide Chairman Frank Schelstraete shared his views about the future of Executive Search with the HR community attending Zukunft Personal Hungary in Budapest, a specialised HR event combined with more than 130 professional debates and workshops led by subject matter experts.

From digitalization Head Hunters Professional Joy

Frank Schelstraete openly replied a series of questions addressed by András Lipcsei on the possible threats or opportunities for the future of the Executive search industry; including European and worldwide hottest trends and the importance of innovation as a key factor for success. Regarding Digitalization and A.I. he argued

“the real Executive Search is a highly-targeted and labour-intense process, which doesn’t have anything to do with building a candidates’ database”.

According to Frank,

“when we talk about Executive Search we talk about individual companies and individual talent able to do something that makes the difference in a unique professional environment and company culture. How to identify the perfect match in such unique combination, it can’t be done exclusively by A.I. tools – only the human mind is able to sense that.”

When asked what “extra” an Executive Search firm can bring to big companies fully insourcing HR functions Frank’s answer was equally challenging:

“we simply must do it better than our clients, with the most updated practices and highly qualified Researchers and Consultants - University Master degree or PhD and fluent knowledge of at least two foreign languages are requirements for all my growing team.”

His key message to the audience:

“Having passion and drive in the HR profession is very important. As a Head Hunter I find it when I meet exceptional individuals as clients and even more exceptional people as candidates, and those moments are my “professional joy” – definitely a feeling not belonging to A.I. tools, at least for the time being…”

Please enjoy some of the video footage of András Lipcsei – Digitalization and the passions of a professional Head Hunter – open and honest discussion with Frank Schelstraete:


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